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NNAB Podcast


NNAB Podcast

NNAB Monthly Podcasts

We are delighted to introduce monthly podcast updates, Produced by students from the Norwich School. 

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 Spring Podcasts                    









Magpie News Podcasts


October 2013

Bishops Message and CW News  01-bishops-letter---community-workers.mp3
Staff Changes 02-staff-changes---craft-items.mp3
Equipment Centre Newws 03-equipment-centre.mp3
General information 04-infomation.mp3
Youngeyes News 05-young-eyes.mp3
Liesure group updates 06-leisure-groups.mp3
F-stop and Art Group 07-f-stop---art-group.mp3
Groups News 08-groups---usefull-info.mp3
Fundraising 09-fundraising.mp3
Recycling Technical problem couldnt upload item at present
Missing Coins 11-missing-coins---quiz.mp3
Poem 12-poetry.mp3
Short Story 13-a-short-story.mp3
Quiz answers, for sale  14-quiz-answers--for-sale---watton-book-club.mp3
Note from the Editor 15-a-note-from-emma.mp3
Thank You 16-thank-you.mp3


August 2013 

Description Podcast
Introduction introduction.mp3
Chaplian's Corner chaplain--s-corner.mp3
A Message from Dorothy a-message-from-dorothy.mp3
Great Yarmouth News great-yarmouth-news.mp3
Equipment Centre News equipment-centre-news.mp3
Product News product-news.mp3
Feedback Request feedback-requst.mp3
Sports and Activities News sports-and-activity-news.mp3
West Norfolk Knitters west-norfolk-knitters.mp3
Leisure Groups leisure-groups.mp3
Book Club book-clubs.mp3
Fundraising Dates flag-days-and-street-collection-dates.mp3
Bungee Jump News bungee-jump-news.mp3
Chatterbox chatterbox.mp3
Return Slip return-slip.mp3


Winter 2012


Description Podcast URL
Introduction  introduction.mp3
Walking Holiday  walking-holiday.mp3
Young Eyes  young-eyes.mp3
In Touch News  in-touch-news.mp3
Leisure Activities  leisure-activities.mp3
Event Fundraising  event-fundraising.mp3
Bus Route Changes  bus-route-changes.mp3
Transport  transport.mp3
Christmas Draw  christmas-draw-invitation.mp3 
Thomas Tawell House    thomas-tawell-house.mp3