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Residential Care at Thomas Tawell House

Thomas Tawell House provides safe, suitable accommodation and care for visually impaired people who need support to live independently.

Thomas Tawell House is rated as providing a good standard of care by CQC

Thomas Tawell House is situated in the centre of Norwich City Centre. It is situated close to the local surgery, schools and amenities.

The home is a residential establishment and has the capacity to cater for 35 Individuals.  Thomas Tawell House provides specialist care for the visually impaired and takes an holistic approach to each individual to ensure their needs are met.  The home works in a person-centred way to build on individuals’ strengths and abilities. 

The home boasts a large lounge, a sun room and a large dining room.  All rooms have en-suite shower rooms and are individually furnished.  Every bathroom has specialist equipment to support all individuals to have the choice of a bath or shower.

The values that underpin our work and approach at Thomas Tawell House are:


It is the residents right to be left alone and undisturbed should they wish.  Their privacy will be respected and you will be free from intrusion or public attention.

  • Bedroom door locks are fitted (if requested).
  • A lockable piece of furniture is provided or a lockable container (if requested).
  • All members of staff will obtain permission from the resident before entering a bedroom.  Visitors will not be shown bedrooms without the occupant’s permission.
  • At all times the routine at the home will not take precedence over a resident’s right to privacy.
  • Financial transactions involving individual residents are conducted in private.


It is every residents right to be recognised as an individual, with their unique values and qualities, regardless of your personal circumstances.  It is their right to be treated with respect and to live with dignity.  It is their right to enjoy all the entitlements associated with citizenship in the United Kingdom.

  • Staff will always use the manner of address preferred by individual residents.
  • The personal care needs of individuals are treated as confidential and are only discussed with persons who are legitimately involved in the care of that individual.
  • The profile of staff will, where possible, reflect the cultural, ethnic, religious and social mix of the residents. 


It is every residents right to act and think independently, without having to refer to another person, even if this may sometimes involve a degree of calculated risk.

  • Residents have free access to private bathing and toilet facilities and appropriate aids and adaptations will be provided to enable individuals to undertake their own personal care where practical.
  • Care staff will only offer assistance when individual residents are either unable or unwilling to complete a task by themselves.


It is every residents right to choose from a range of options.

  • Residents are free to take their meals in their own rooms if they choose to do so.
  • Residents are free to entertain their guests in their rooms, choose when they go to bed, who is allowed in their room and what time they get up.
  • Residents are encouraged to form an association and participate accordingly.  If requested, a member of staff is available to assist with agenda and minutes. The home also holds regular residents’ meetings which are minuted.


It is every residents right to fully realise your personal aspirations.  It is their right to realise their abilities in all aspects of daily life. 

  • Care plans, undertaken in consultation with individual residents, will reflect the home’s ethos that all residents should be encouraged to retain existing interests, develop new and/or re-establish former hobbies and skills.
  • Residents are allowed as much time as they need to complete their own chosen activities.  Flexibility is built into the routines at the home so that residents are able to complete their chosen activities, with the minimum of staff intervention.

Our statement of purpose can be found here tth-statement-of-purpose-july-2018--1-.docx

Please download the residents handbook for full details of the House and our approach to care tth-resident-handbook-final-july-2018--1-.docx

Summary of our most recent CQC report can be found here 20190301114610-thomas-tawell-house-inspection-report-summary.pdf Full Report can be found here ins2-5923801791_1-112059355_thomas-tawell-house_20181112_f1.pdf